Agenda here.

Keynote: Valerie Mechling, Birthmom extraordinaire.
Three Breakout Sessions

Course 1: School Presentations and Outreach
by Jolynn Marshall

Course 2: Communication, the Secret to Successful Open Adoptions
by Valerie Mechling with Joe & Jen Jackson
Course 3: Transracial Adoption: Outlining potential problems and proposing solutions
by Tamar and Katrina Pederson

Course 4: Adoption in a Digital World
by Shannon Lyons

Course 5: How to Build and Support an FSA Chapter
by Rick Hill, LDSFS

Course 6: Financing your Adoption
by Glenn Geissinger

Course 7: Dealing with Infertility
by Tawnee and Ryan Johnson

Course 8: What Birthparents Wish Adoptive Parents Knew
by Valerie Mechling

Birthparent panel with four (4!) panelists
Troy Dunn broadcast